Bridge Fees

Understanding Fees for Dogether Transfers

Transferring Dogether tokens across different blockchain networks involves certain fees. Users must be aware of these costs to plan their transactions accordingly.

Fees for Transferring to Other Chains

When you send Dogether tokens from the Dogether Mainnet to another chain, the following fee applies:

  • Relay Fee: A fixed relay fee of 5,000 Dogether is charged for the transfer service.

Fees for Returning to Dogether Mainnet

Moving tokens from other chains back to the Dogether Mainnet incurs different fees:

  • Gas Fees: The only fee incurred is the gas fee associated with the respective blockchain network you're transferring from (e.g., BNB for Binance Smart Chain or MATIC for Polygon Network).


Ensure you have a sufficient balance to cover the relay fees when transferring out of the Dogether Mainnet and enough native currency to cover gas fees when transferring back to the Dogether Mainnet.

By keeping these fee structures in mind, users can effectively manage their Dogether token transfers and avoid any surprises during their transactions.

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