Economic Model

Understanding the Economic Model of Dogether is key to appreciating its value and potential in the blockchain space. At its core, Dogether combines the technological capabilities of Ethereum with the accessible and community-focused approach of Dogecoin, creating a unique and sustainable economic model.

The Essence of Dogether Economic Model

Dogether's economic model are designed to foster both short-term incentives and long-term sustainability. This balance ensures a thriving ecosystem that rewards early adopters and supports a long-term vision.

Key Aspects of Dogether Economic Model

  • Coin Supply: Dogether follows Dogecoin's approach, featuring an abundant supply. This abundance is central to making Dogether accessible and inclusive.

  • Mining Rewards: The network rewards miners for securing the blockchain and processing transactions. In the first phase, miners receive 40,000 Dogether per block, with a 10% developer fee. Post-block 2,100,000, the reward is adjusted to 4,000 Dogether per block without a developer fee.

  • Block Time: With a block time of 13 seconds, Dogether ensures fast transaction processing and consistent mining rewards.

  • Developer Fee: Initially, a 10% developer fee is incorporated into mining rewards, contributing to the ongoing development and growth of the Dogether ecosystem. This fee is removed in the long-term phase to enhance miner rewards.

Long-Term Sustainability

  • Reduction in Rewards: The reduction in mining rewards post-block 2,100,000 is a strategic move to ensure the longevity and stability of the Dogether economic model.

  • Continuous Development: Revenue from the developer fee in the early stages is reinvested back into the project, ensuring continuous improvement and innovation.

Participate in the Dogether Economy

As a miner, investor, or user, you play a vital role in the Dogether economy. By participating in the network, you contribute to a decentralized future and benefit from the potential growth and success of Dogether.

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