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Welcome to the Dogether Bridge Quick Start Guide! The Dogether Bridge is a vital tool for seamless asset transfers between Dogether and various blockchain networks. This guide is designed to help you use the bridge effectively and safely.

What is the Dogether Bridge?

The Dogether Bridge enables the transfer of assets between the Dogether network and other major blockchains. It's designed for security, speed, and user-friendliness.

Contract Addresses

  • Binance Smart Chain: 0x33375FE37411c3B7F33223DFC2fD7FD400fE0725

  • Polygon Network: 0x33375FE37411c3B7F33223DFC2fD7FD400fE0725

Please double-check these addresses before any transaction to ensure safety and accuracy.

How to Use the Dogether Bridge

  1. Connect Your Wallet: Sync your digital wallet that holds Dogether or other supported cryptocurrencies. Ensure your Source Network is selected in your Wallet.

  2. Select Networks: Choose the source (from) and destination (to) networks for your asset transfer.

  3. Initiate Transfer: Input the amount and follow the instructions to transfer your assets.

  4. Transaction Confirmation: Wait for the transfer to complete. The duration may vary based on network congestion.

Simply perform the actions again changing your source network to the previous destination network, refresh the bridge page, and repeat the above steps to bridge back.

Bridge Fees

When you send Dogether tokens from the Dogether Mainnet to another chain, the following fee applies:

  • Relay Fee: A fixed relay fee of 5,000 Dogether is charged for the transfer service.

Moving tokens from other chains back to the Dogether Mainnet incurs different fees:

  • Gas Fees: The only fee incurred is the gas fee associated with the respective blockchain network you're transferring from (e.g., BNB for Binance Smart Chain or MATIC for Polygon Network).


Ensure you have a sufficient balance to cover the relay fees when transferring out of the Dogether Mainnet and enough native currency to cover gas fees when transferring back to the Dogether Mainnet.

By keeping these fee structures in mind, users can effectively manage their Dogether token transfers and avoid any surprises during their transactions.

Tips for a Smooth Experience

  • Network Fees: Be prepared for transaction fees associated with the transfer.

  • Transaction Times: Transfer times can vary, so plan accordingly.

  • Use One Account: Use the same account (address) between Networks (Blockchains).

  • Support: If you encounter issues, our support team is ready to assist you via our Discord.

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