Supported Networks (Blockchains)

As part of our commitment to providing a seamless experience for our users, we offer a range of bridging options for transferring Dogether across various blockchain networks. The following transfers are currently supported:

Available Transfers

  • Dogether Mainnet ↔ BSC (Binance Smart Chain)

  • Dogether Mainnet ↔ Polygon Network

  • BSC ↔ Polygon Network (via Dogether Mainnet)

Two-Step Transfer Process for BSC ↔ Polygon

To transfer Dogether between BSC and Polygon, please follow this two-step process:

  1. BSC to Dogether Mainnet: Start by sending your Dogether from BSC to the Dogether Mainnet.

  2. Dogether Mainnet to Polygon: Once the tokens are on the Dogether Mainnet, you can bridge them to Polygon.

Important Note:

Direct transfers between BSC and Polygon are not currently supported. All transfers must first go through the Dogether Mainnet as an intermediary step.

Expanding Our Network Reach

We're constantly working to expand our bridging services. More network options will be added soon to enhance your experience and provide greater flexibility for your Dogether transactions.

Stay tuned for updates as we broaden our horizons and connect Dogether with more blockchains!

By utilizing our supported bridging options, you can ensure that your Dogether tokens move smoothly between networks, with more pathways coming in the near future.

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